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Review: A Strange Twist of Fate, by Debra Erfert, a Romantic Mystery

I was given A Strange Twist of Fate by Loving the Book for an honest review.

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Title: A Strange Twist of Fate

Author: Debra Erfert

Genre: Romantic Mystery

Blurb: One widow, one killer—who will die first? Gutsy, grieving Anna is determined to find who murdered her husband. Hampered by agonizing loneliness, her obsessive-compulsive mother, and her over-controlling father, she defies convention, and the law, to investigate on her own. When she runs up against Lee Adams, a handsome police detective who’s determined to save Anna from herself, she has to step up her rogue search for the killer, before time and dwindling leads run out.

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My Review:

Anna Eddington's husband died, but she believes that he was murdered. As a brilliant prosecutor, Greg Eddington put away a lot of criminals, one of whom may have committed the murder. Now Anna is trying to prove that Greg's car being forced off the road was not an accident and to do that, she must find the murderer.

While trying to question a suspect, Anna is falsely arrested and meets Detective Lee Adams. Lee is immediately drawn to the blonde and fears for her safety. He takes it upon himself to look after her when her house is broken into. Can Lee and Anna find Greg's murderer before anyone else dies?

I admit that I'm not a mystery fan, but I do enjoy romances. Thankfully, this isn't a heavy handed mystery where there are so many puzzle pieces that it feels like a who done it. Anna is methodical in gathering clues and constructing her suspect list, while willing to put herself at risk to find the killer, but the story focuses more on the budding romance between her and Lee.

I did enjoy Lee's over protectiveness when came to Anna, especially since no one else knows about her dangerous obsession, but I felt that his job as a Detective was a little forced. He's a Detective in Phoenix, yet he spends most of his time driving Anna around as she runs through her daily routine of contacting her underground network of snitches and informants. He doesn't seem to have a lot of actual work to do.

I admire Anna's strength and courage in finding the person who murdered her husband. She found a way to cope with the pain by inadvertently helping the abused women of some of her suspects. She originally went to them to gather information, but eventually tries to helps them out of their bad relationships.

Unfortunately, the story is a little slow paced and unrealistic from the police procedure side of things. I also was not a fan of Anna, though I did enjoy Lee's perspective. Overall, I give the story 4 stars.

Author Bio:

Debra "DJ" Erfert, a winner of a 2017 Kindle Scout campaign, has authored five published novels, three novellas, and one Kindle World’s novella, and several short stories. She writes what her alter-ego dictates. Maybe it’s her super-ego. In her Window of Time series, Lucy is fearless and strong and has a secret power—all qualities Debra envies. In real life, spiders terrify her, which is why they appear on a regular basis in her books. “Confront your fears, and have your characters squish them!” Debra uses the pen name DJ Erfert for her paranormal suspense/thriller books, and Debra Erfert for her romantic suspense/mystery books. She is an award-winning fine artist who lives in a southwest desert city in Arizona with her husband, Mike, a retired police lieutenant, where the average summer temperatures are well above 100 degrees—truly hot enough to fry an egg on the sidewalk. After raising two Eagle Scouts, she now spends her time writing and shooing her polydactyl cats away from her keyboard.

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