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Do you love Reverse Harem stories? Check out my Steamy Paranormal Romance , YA Romance, and Contemporary Romance.

Then come in and see what I have for you!  There is something for everyone!

Upcoming Books/New Releases


Raven (Silver Springs Pets Book # 5)

Steamy and Humorous Paranormal Romance RomCom RH
Raven Silver Springs Series Paranormal Romantic Comedy Reverse Harem

According to my friends, love is in the air in Silver Springs. I know Cupid isn't responsible for helping my friends find their soul mates. It's magic. The very thing I have sworn off since my academy days. I understand too well the trouble magic can cause.

Besides, I'm too busy running O'Malley's Irish Pub, living vicariously through my mated best friends, and taking care of my new pet raven, who might be my traitorous former familiar, Ignatius.

Despite wanting nothing to do with love, I can't seem to avoid the smoking hot caster handyman, the conjurer who believes I'm guilty of a crime, and the wolf-shifting brother of my best friend. How hard is it to find a nice guy who won't turn out to be evil incarnate?

Raven is part of the Silver Springs Pets shared universe but can be read as a standalone.

Paranormal Romance RH Rom-Com with shifters, witches, and a lot of humor.

Available Now!


Resting Witch Face (Welcome to Whynot Anthology)

Steamy and Humorous Paranormal Romance RomCom Cozy RH
Resting Witch Face Anthology Paranormal Romance Romantic Comedy Cozy

In my story, "The Witches are Back," twin sisters go back to their hometown to help their crazy aunt with the Heartwood Manor B&B, which is currently driving people away.  Strange accidents and unusual things are happening at the manor.


Of course, going back home is never easy, especially when you're divorced and trying to put your life back together.

Can Daisy's old friend, new chef and grumpy society writer teach her how to love again?

Paranormal Romance Cozy RH Rom-Com with hot guys, multiple romantic entanglements, and plenty of humor.

Coming 2024!

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