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Do you love Reverse Harem stories? Check out my Steamy Paranormal Romance , YA Romance, and Contemporary Romance.

Then see what I have for you!  There is something for everyone!

Upcoming Books/New Releases


Welcome to Whynot
10 Book Anthology Series

Steamy and Humorous Paranormal Romance RomCom Cozy RH

In my story, "The Witches are Back (The Heartwood Manor B&B Series)," twin sisters go back to their hometown to help their crazy aunt with the Heartwood Manor B&B, which is currently driving people away.  Strange accidents and unusual things are happening at the manor.


Of course, going back home is never easy, especially when you're divorced and trying to put your life back together.

Can Daisy's old friend, new chef and grumpy society writer teach her how to love again?

Paranormal Romance Cozy RH Rom-Com with hot guys, multiple romantic entanglements, and plenty of humor.

Coming 2024!

Resting Witch Face Book 1

In my story "To Charm, or Not to Charm, (The Heartwood Manor B&B Series)," Winter Darkraven arrives at the Heartwood Manor for his sister's wedding, which is expected to be the wedding of the century. Oddly, Winter's sister, Summer, didn't even ask to be her Maid of Honor or part of the bridal party.

Annoyed that her sister kept her out of the loop about the wedding, Winter decided to have a little fun the night before the rehearsal dinner. Unfortunately, the guy she meets in a bar isn't a random stranger in town. He turns out to be someone very interested in Summer and Winter's successful magical clothing business.

Add in one ex-boyfriend, whom Winter runs into at the wedding, and a third mystery man, hijinx, ensues.

Can Winter figure out why her sister is keeping her in the dark and protect her business from a hostile takeover?

Coming 2024!

Drop It Like It's Haunt Book 2
Creepin It Real(1)_edited.png
Creepin' It Real Book 3
IF the Broom Fits(2).png
If the Brook Fits Book 4


Hexed in the City
10 Book Anthology Series

Hexed in the City is a limited edition collection of stories within the Immortal Blood Lines and Blood Wars sagas where the focus shifts to the witches and other magic users. Each story explores a unique cast of characters and their struggle against a predestined catastrophe that could result in an apocalypse more destructive than Armageddon.

Steamy Paranormal Romance RH

In my story "Fiona" (Loyal to Her Mates Series), war has been declared among the paranormal communities as old blood feuds rise.

Her coven leader enlists Fiona, a charming, seductive witch, to infiltrate the local vampire coven to gather information on their plans to take over the west side of the city.

Can she stop the vampires from destroying her coven?

Coming 2024!

Hexed in Denver Book 1
Hexed in Atlanta.jpg

Hexed in Atlanta Book 2

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