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Hallowed Woods Academy - Semester 1

formerly in the Magic & Mayhem Antho

From the time I was ten, I could do strange things, things I couldn't explain.  When my mother was taken from me and institutionalized, all I cared about was finding her.  My only goal was running away from the foster families and getting back to her.


That all changed the night I was chased through the streets by men carrying wands.  That's right.  Wands.  Cornered, I had no way out until a handsome stranger found me.  Now, I've come to learn that my strange ability isn't so strange because I am a witch.


Taken in by the Hallowed Woods Academy, a school for witches and wizards, I am determined to learn how to cast spells, while I search for the truth about my mother.  Armed with only her diary and a pendant with the school's logo engraved on it, I must figure out why my mother kept my heritage a secret and why I am being hunted before my new friends are pulled into my fight.

Meet the Students of
Hallowed Woods Academy!


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