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Sadie Goodwin  / Celeste Dreger Saga

Two best friends, two great series.  When Sadie Goodwin finds out she's a witch and arrives at Hallowed Woods Academy, she meets Pearl "Celeste" Dreger and neither of their lives will ever be the same.  Sadie and Celeste appear together in Hallowed Woods, but Celeste has her own breakout series in Pearl (part of the Jewels Cafe series.)  These books are YA RH and should be read in the order below.

Recommended Reading Order

Hallowed Woods Academy - Semester 1

formerly in the Magic & Mayhem Antho

From the time I was ten, I could do strange things, things I couldn't explain.  When my mother was taken from me and institutionalized, all I cared about was finding her.  My only goal was running away from the foster families and getting back to her.


That all changed the night I was chased through the streets by men carrying wands.  That's right.  Wands.  Cornered, I had no way out until a handsome stranger found me.  Now, I've come to learn that my strange ability isn't so strange because I am a witch.


Taken in by the Hallowed Woods Academy, a school for witches and wizards, I am determined to learn how to cast spells, while I search for the truth about my mother.  Armed with only her diary and a pendant with the school's logo engraved on it, I must figure out why my mother kept my heritage a secret and why I am being hunted before my new friends are pulled into my fight.


Hallowed Woods Academy - Semester 2

I was finally happy. I had a loyal friend, guys who cared about me, and a place where I belonged. Just as I was starting to believe that everything would be okay, the unthinkable best friend Celeste became a conjurer instead of a caster. Now, Celeste will have to attend Cliff Haven, leaving me to deal with a bizarre new roommate and my harrowing new responsibilities as a Hallowed Guardian.

With enemies attacking my school, and being constantly on edge, thanks to my crazy roommate, I had my hands full and that was before Celeste made one mistake that might end her entire future as a witch. How can so many things go wrong at once?

On top of everything, being an amalgam is making my magic lessons much more dangerous. If the other witches learn what I am, they might try to destroy me because I'm too powerful. Yet, if I can't find a tutor fast enough, I might accidentally burn down the school . How am I supposed to trust a stranger to teach me a kind of magic that is technically forbidden?

More than anything, I want to rely on the guys in my life, but they too are making things complicated. Can I be the girl Dominik knew when we were younger, even though I can't remember my life with him? Can I help Lucas overcome the trauma left behind from his encounters with a dark wizard? Can I convince Aleksi to keep my secret after a dangerous mistake?

If only I could unlock the secrets of the diary left behind by my mother. She might be the only one who can help me figure out how to control my magic before I ruin everything.

Hallowed Woods Academy: Semester 2 is a YA Paranormal and Fantasy Romance Reverse Harem.

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