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Claiming Her Destiny (2).png

Claiming Her Destiny

One Determined Princess. Three Cunning Princes. Four Kingdoms Fighting for their Survival.

Without a stronger leader, the Mountain Mist fears it will soon be overrun by the Senki Demoni, shadow demons who are ruthlessly attacking the surrounding kingdoms. When her father is lost in battle, Princes Yasmine is ready to be Queen of her kingdom, but tradition dictates that there must be a King to rule.

Yasmin's advisors create a contest to marry her to a prince from the allied kingdoms in order to survive.

The prince from the Glade must secure her hand to save his people, the prince from the Seafarers wants to claim her gold and silver mines before murdering her, while the prince from the Dark Forest is forced to abandon his magic to secure Yasmine's throne for his father's growing ambitions.

Can Yasmine become the leader her people need? Can the handsome princes prove themselves worthy of the defiant princess, and save their kingdoms from the Senki before all is lost?

Deadly Princes is a Fantasy Slow Burn Reverse Harem, the 1st book in the Queen of the Mist series.

Content Warning: Multiple romantic entanglements, violence, death, and sexual references.


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