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Meet the Women of Silver Springs!
Paranormal RomCom RH

Dahlia Book 1 Silver Springs Series Paranormal Romantic Comedy Reverse Harem

I was always told little girls are supposed to draw pictures of rainbows and unicorns, so when I started drawing stranger things, people acted as if something was wrong with me. They didn't know I was having visions of the past, present, or even the future. As I got older, I tried to ignore what I could do. Instead of embracing my abilities, I became a tattoo artist who gave people the tattoo they never knew they wanted.


Unfortunately, my abilities have caused other kinds of problems, especially when it came to dating. Can you imagine meeting a fun, handsome guy who seems interested in you but instead of envisioning having a good time together, you see an unfiltered reality? (Including the other girlfriends he's hiding?) It makes a girl take a vow of celibacy!


Now, there’s a new problem – a recurring nightmare. Is it a warning of something dark headed my way? Or a result of too much late-night TV? Maybe the three mysterious men I've met recently can help me find the courage to accept who I am and face whomever is chasing me in my dreams.


Dahlia is an Adult RH Paranormal Romance / Fantasy Romance in Spell Library / Silver Springs shared universe.

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Dahlia With a Side of Fries Book 2 Silver Springs Series Paranormal Romantic Comedy Reverse Harem

Just when I get my happy ending, dark entities arrive in town to screw everything up for me!


Here I am, blissfully minding my own business, tattooing the residents of Silver Springs when I'm thrown into the middle of a fight between the witch covens who believe my nerdy necromancer sweetheart, Daire, is responsible for ghosts attacking the town.


Of course, my witch sweetheart, Ian, is the High Priest of one of those covens.  Now, he's torn between his friendship with Daire and the powerful coven members who are too scared to figure out the truth and want to banish Daire from town.


In the middle of all this, I find my mother's lost dairy with a little ghostly help of my own.  Is someone trying to help me buy a vowel by giving me the diary?  Will it help me learn the truth behind the poltergeist attacks before someone really gets hurt?  Unfortunately, the diary is bound in blood magic and I'm a psychic with zero magic.


Time is running out and I can't lose my mates.  Can my vampire sweetheart, Aiden, help me unravel the mystery of the cursed diary before everything comes crashing down?


Humorous Paranormal Romance/Fantasy Romance RH.


Part of the Spell Library and Silver Springs Library World.

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Misty  Silver Springs Series Paranormal Romantic Comedy Reverse Harem

I date losers.  You heard me right.  Give me the guys who buy you a drink just to get into your pants.  Give me the guys who say they love you and ghost you the next day.  Give me the guy who plays Xbox right after sex.  I date them all.  Why, you ask?  So I won't fall in love with them.

But Gray, why wouldn't you want to fall in love, you'll ask.  Why would I want to?  I've been betrayed and hurt so badly, I never want to think about love.  I'm happy just being me, or so I tell myself.

Of course, a major complication has just rolled into town.  Now, I'm forced to deal with my past, the past I left behind when I came to Silver Springs to work for Dahlia as a tattoo artist, at Lady Blue Tattoo.

How many times can a woman reinvent herself before she's finally happy?  I'm not sure yet, but I'll let you know when I figure it ou

t.  ​


Misty is an Steamy RH Paranormal Romance / Fantasy Romance in Silver Skates / Silver Springs shared universe.


Each story can be read independently. Scroll up to read Dahlia, Spells Library romance today!

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Jupiter Silver Springs Series Paranormal Romantic Comedy Reverse Harem

Good luck hounds me like a bad hangover, but love has never been in the cards for me.

I’m only here for my friend Calla, to help set up an illegal casino and save the Silver Oak’s Retirement Home. See? Lucky enough to avoid scrutiny by the police, but not lucky enough to find the man who’ll ignite my senses.

But when a magical concert changes everything, I find myself mated to three men - a cranky, domineering dragon, a world-weary vampire, and god who throws my luck out of whack every time he’s near. And none of them want to be tied down to me, the unluckiest lucky person to set foot in Silver Springs.

Can I save the retirement home, make money with the casino, and finally mate with the loves of my life … before it all comes crashing down?

Join Jupiter on her wacky adventure in this spicy, reverse harem rom com.

Steamy Paranormal / Fantasy Romance RH

Jupiter is a standalone in the Solar Mates Series set in the Silver Springs shared universe and comes complete with a happily-ever-after. Scroll up to read this fun, quirky romance today.

Raven Silver Springs Series Paranormal Romantic Comedy Reverse Harem

According to my friends, love is in the air in Silver Springs. I know Cupid isn't responsible for helping my friends find their soul mates. It's magic. The very thing I have sworn off since my academy days. I understand too well the trouble magic can cause.

Besides, I'm too busy running O'Malley's Irish Pub, living vicariously through my mated best friends, and taking care of my new pet raven, who might be my traitorous former familiar, Ignatius.

Despite wanting nothing to do with love, I can't seem to avoid the smoking hot caster handyman, the conjurer who believes I'm guilty of a crime, and the wolf-shifting brother of my best friend. How hard is it to find a nice guy who won't turn out to be evil incarnate?

Raven is part of the Silver Springs Pets shared universe but can be read as a standalone.

Paranormal Romance RH Rom-Com with shifters, witches, and a lot of humor.

Pearl Series YA RH

Hallowed Woods Academy and the Pearl Books are companion books!
Pearl Book 1 Silver Springs Series YA Paranormal Romantic Comedy Reverse Harem

Pearl "Celeste" Dreger is a witch who can't cast spells, much to her family's embarrassment.   She reluctantly leaves her friends at Hallowed Woods Academy and returns home for the Winter Solstice Celebration.  All Celeste wants to do is disappear into a good book until she learns that she must help plan the coven's seasonal events with the witches and wizards who have mocked her for years.

One bad day and a Pumpkin Spice Latte later, everything in Celeste's world is completely turned around.  Benjamin, the boy next door who her mother doesn't approve of, breaks her heart.  Carson, the handsome jokester, professes his love for her.  But, strangest of all, the black cat, that only she can see, reveals a dark secret that puts her in danger.

Can Celeste prove that she isn't powerless or broken to a town who looks down on her?  Can she figure out the identity of the Shadow Masters before they harm anyone else close to her?  Will she live up to her namesake and save her hometown?

Pearl is a standalone YA Paranormal Romance Reverse Harem. It is part of the Jewels Cafe series.

Pearl Wedding Bell Blues Book 2 Silver Springs Series YA Paranormal Romantic Comedy Reverse Harem

What if a love spell revealed your true love, but it turned out the spell was wrong?

Pearl Celeste Dreger thought she finally had it all. She got her magic, saved the town and found guys worthy of being in her life. Unfortunately, her perfect life has somehow turned into a nightmare.

Noah, her familiar, disappears without telling her. Fearing that he has kidnapped, Pearl jumps on a plane to return to Silver Springs to find her guy. When she gets home, nothing is as she expects it.

Landing in the middle of a family wedding, Pearl quickly realizes that the dark wizards who attacked the town and tried to overthrow her coven, are still causing trouble. Pearl will have to find a way to put aside her differences with her spoiled cousin, Augusta, so that she can protect her family.

With the help of Carson and Benjamin, Pearl must uncover a terrible secret that puts everyone she loves in danger. Can she find Noah and figure out if they are truly meant to be together? Can she uncover the truth about the dark wizards before someone she loves gets hurt? Can she regain her confidence and become the witch she is destined to be?

YA RH Paranormal Romance. Slow Burn. Witch and Shifter Romance.

Note that this is a Sequel to Pearl and part of the Jewels Cafe Series.

Pearl Tempted by Darkness Book3 Silver Springs Series YA Paranormal Romantic Comedy Reverse Harem

Pearl Celeste Dreger returns to Silver Springs, hoping to relax on her Summer vacation, until she learns that she's expected to intern with her coven. Annoyed that she can't hang out with her guys and sit by the pool, she reluctantly agrees to assist the new Black Dog, or Guardian of the Coven. Unfortunately, he's less than thrilled to work with the pretty debutante and niece of the High Priest.

Celeste is quickly upgraded from coffee girl to sleuth when she's asked to help search for the witch responsible for a magical prank gone wrong. With the caster and conjurer covens blaming each other, Celeste must work quickly before an all-out war destroys the community she loves.

Can Celeste convince the Black Dog that she's not a delinquent student in a ball gown? Can she protect Benjamin and Carson from whoever is causing the attacks? Can she keep Silver Springs safe from the onslaught of dark spells threatening to tear it apart?

YA RH Paranormal / Fantasy Romance.

Note that this third sequel to Pearl and part of the Jewels Cafe / Silver Springs world.

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