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Steamy Paranormal Romance
Celtic Gods Rising Series
Note that this series is not RH

Goddess of Mine

Celtic Gods Rising Book 1

Once part of the Shamrocked Anthology, Goddess of Mine is now the first book in the Celtic Gods Rising Series.


Keridwen, a Celtic nature goddess, left everything behind centuries ago to live a simple life in Ireland away from the infighting and power struggles of the gods and goddesses.  When she is ruthlessly ambushed by her cousin Morrigan and her werewolves, Keridwen is forced to flee her home in search of help.  Poisoned and unconscious, Keridwen is found by a handsome farmer named Quinn, who pledges to nurse her back to health.


Pretending to be a mortal, Keridwen stays with Quinn once she realizes that the crops are mysteriously failing and the animals are falling ill.  Unsure of what is happening, she reaches out to an old ally to learn that Morrigan has waged war upon Otherworld and the Mortal Realm.


Weakened and powerless, can Keridwen protect Quinn's town and all of Ireland from a fiendish plot by the gods and goddess to regain their former power by enslaving the mortals?  Can she save the people she has grown to love from the dangers of her world before it's too late?


*Note that this book is intended for Mature Readers due to foul language, sex, and violence.

God of the Deep final usat.jpg

God of the Deep

Celtic Gods Rising Book 2

Does our past dictate who we are meant to be? Will our mistakes always define us? Are we capable of truly changing?

Manannan mac Lir, the Celtic Sea God, has lost everything: his family, his home, and his free will. Without his power, he was forced to follow a mad goddess bent on destroying the mortals and ruling the world. Now
, he has a chance to redeem himself and be the leader everyone believes he can be, if only he can tame his self-doubt and find a way to regain his immense power.

One fateful night, a scream leads him to a woman who will change everything. Molly is beautiful, alluring and beguiling, until she hits him with her purse and accuses him of being part of her abduction plot.

Molly, a waitress with the ability to serve terrible food with a smile, can't remember who she is. Shipwrecked, she has no clues to her past and must start her life over, until a stranger kidnaps her and another stranger rescues her. While her rescuer is handsome, she doesn't know who to trust.

Manannan agrees to help Molly uncover the secrets of her past until a bolt of lightning and a declaration of war thrust them into the middle of a fight with ancient gods who are terrorizing all of Ireland. Short on allies, Manannan enlists the help of two unlikely heroes to help him protect the mortals.

With the dangerous gods luring Manannan's former allies to their side and threatening everything that he holds dear, can recover his abilities in time to save both the woman and the country he loves ?

God of the Deep is the second full length novel in the steamy Paranormal Romance series, Celtic Gods Rising.

Note that this book is intended for Mature Readers due to foul language, sex, and violence.

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