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Construction of the Heart Volume 1, by E. A. DeBoest, a Erotic Romance

Welcome to my Fast and Fun Interview with E. A. DeBoest!

Author name: E. A. DeBoest

Title of Book: Construction of the Heart Volume 1

Genre: Erotic Romance

Short description of Construction of the Heart Volume 1: He's her chocolate stallion. She's his sexy, little freak. In each others arms is home.

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Tell me about your book: A sweet love story that oozes romance and steams up the pages with tangled embraces.

What makes the book different from others in the genre? It's a very sweet romance, but has a dark twist. The female lead has a damaged past, but she is strong, confident and independent. The male lead is every woman's dream, no damaged past. He knows what he wants and won't let anything stop him.

Why should readers read my book? It's a story of how a man should treat a woman. It's a story of second chances. It will fill your heart with love and heat up your body.

What is the one thing you wish you knew before you started writing your book? It's a full time job with overtime, lots of overtime.

Where do you draw your inspiration from for writing your books? I get my inspiration from my love of reading, my life experiences, and sometimes from my dreams.

What would you like to say to your readers? Stay strong and follow your dreams. You can be anything you want in life with hard work and determination. Don't give up. Hard work pays off.

5 Fun Facts about E. A.:

-I love to shake my booty to some hip hop and R & B.

-I am older than I look. I have the gray hairs to prove it.

-I love tacos.

-I love 90 degree weather and warmer.

-I love zombies.

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Interested in E. A.'s Other Works? Show Her Some Love!

Name of Series: Construction of the Heart Series

Genre of book series: Erotic Romance

Sealing of the Heart coming in June 2017

Expansion of the Heart coming in December 2017

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