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Review of Sprite, by Anna B. Madrise, a Paranormal Novel

Author: Anna B. Madrise

Book Title: Sprite

Genre: Paranormal Fairy tale / Holiday

Book Blurb: Wild and reckless Blaine Frost takes things too far one night when, after a

Christmas party, he drunkenly wraps his sports car around an evergreen tree. With his girlfriend Noel, trapped and unconscious inside the crashed car, he swears he will do ‘anything’ to right his wrong. His words are heard by a winter sprite, who decides to grant him a second chance by taking him on a journey through his memories in an effort to shine a light on where he has gone astray. But Blaine is steadfast in his stubbornness causing Sprite to pull out all the stops. She gives him an ultimatum; he has seven days to unearth the virtues of compassion, charity, courage, and joy within his heart or by the final stroke of midnight on Christmas Eve, Noel will belong to Sprite…forever. When Blaine wakes up the next morning, he finds that all is as it should be or so it seems; his sports car is untouched, the excitement of the holidays is in the air, and his girlfriend Noel…is nowhere to be found. Not only is she missing, but she’s not in a single picture, and none of his family and friends can recall any memory of her. It’s only then that Blaine realizes that the night before wasn’t a dream. Living in a parallel universe under the watchful eye of Sprite who has turned his world turned upside down, Blaine races against time to honor his word that he will do “anything” to save Noel. It’s a journey of redemption where one man must learn to warm his frosty heart and discover the true meaning of Christmas from within.

My review of Sprite:

What lessons would you learn if you had to evaluate your life? Blaine didn't think there was anything wrong with him or his privileged life, until one tragic accident changed everything. Now, he is in a race against the clock to save the woman he loves. Can he learn the lessons of compassion, charity, and courage in time, or will he lose Noel forever? In the beginning, Blaine is a self-centered jerk, a character that most would write off. Once he starts his journey toward redemption, he isn't sure that he can accomplish his tasks. His way of life is too ingrained in him. Once he opens himself up to the reality of his life, things begin to change. I give sassy little Sprite a lot of credit for not giving up on Blaine. I believe that this story can inspire others to take a hard look at their life and see how they can improve it. I admit that when I get emotional reading a book, the story tends to stick with me. I actually had tears in my eyes at times, which made it difficult to read, but I persevered. I can't tell you how many times I was choked up watching Blaine learn the true meaning of compassion toward others. I give Sprite 5 stars and am curious to see if Anna will continue Sprite's journey with the other Blaine's of the world, or if there will be other "sprites" to handle the job. Can't wait to see if this becomes a series.

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