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Interested in a Fast & Fun Interview with The Throne Room Blog?

Are you an author interested in posting a Fast & Fun Interview, or a Guest Post? Need a Cover Reveal, a Giveaway, or to blitz a New Release? Email me to request a date. Tell me your genre and when you are available. (Note that I am open to other genres including, Sci-Fi, Erotica, Erotic Romance, Horror, Memoir, etc. but keep in mind that I write Paranormal Romance, so viewership of the post will vary.)

If you are writing a Guest Post, please let me know what topic you would like to write about, or we can talk about what you are interested in discussing.

If you are looking for a Fast & Fun Interview, here are the details for the interview:

The objective of this Fast & Fun Interview is to show off your Best Book, New Release, or Preorder Release and get readers interested in it. Make your books shine by being creative. Keep your answers short and interesting. Have fun with them! Only 1 author photo and 1 Book Cover allowed, plus an optional banner that has all your books.

It is suggested that you offer a giveaway, though it's not required. To enter, the reader can comment on the posts, or sign up for your newsletter (if you have one).

-Readers commenting on the posts - winner is chosen by me and I send you their info - you are responsible for sending the book.

-Readers signing up for your newsletter - you are responsible for choosing the winner & sending the book.

Allow at least 48-72 hours when choosing your posting date. Note that more than one author may be listed on any given day.

I promote the post on various social media sites, so please follow me so that I can tag you:

I look forward to speaking with you!

Tabitha Barret

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