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Heidi Angell, Author of The Hunted, an Urban Fantasy/Horror Novel

Welcome to my Fun and Fast Interview with Heidi Angell! To celebrate the release of The Hunted, I wanted to get to know Heidi a little better and learn about her series. Let's find out why you should read The Hunted!

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Author Name: Heidi Angell

Book Title: The Hunted

Genre: Urban Fantasy/Horror

Quick Synopsis: The Hunters saga is for those who believe vampires should be killed, not kissed!

A little more about The Hunted: The Hunted is the highly anticipated sequel in The Hunters Saga.

Follow Screvin, Fury and Havoc as they track down the Werewolf who turned Screvin. Avie knows no more about being a Were than Screvin and Havoc must teach them both how to control their animal side and stay hidden from humans. But when the Supernatural Counsel come after them, the Hunters have now become The Hunted! Can Fury and Havoc save the new Weres under their charge or will Fury abandon them to continue her hunt for the Vampires?

Where you can buy The Hunted:

Fast paced interview:

What makes your book different from others in your genre? I take it back to the good old days when monsters were monsters. No falling in love with vampires and werewolves in my books.

Why should readers buy your book? Death, destruction, dealing with inner demons. It’s a fast paced ride with lots of layers!

What is the one thing you wish you knew about being a writer before you started your book? That the image of the solitary writer tapping at their keys is a myth. I have never been more social, engaging with other writers, with readers, attending book parties, conventions. As much as I enjoy the allure of the aloof writer, I’ve found I’m actually kind of a party animal, if it’s the right kind of party ;)

Where do you draw your inspiration from to write your books? Everything around me. Conversations, the news, random strangers in the park. They’re all up for grabs and often make appearances in one form or another!

What would you like to say to your readers? I hope you enjoy The Hunters saga. As fun as it is to say “I write for me” the truth is that I write for you. If it were just about me, I would never publish, I would live that solitary writer image and not put myself out there. Let me know what you think about my books by leaving a review. You’re input shapes how I write and what I write. I read every. Single. Review. So, let me know what you think!

Fun facts about Heidi:

Heidi is a study contradictions. (Much like The Alanis Morissette song!) Here are five examples:

  1. People who don’t know me, think I am the sweetest person in the world. Those who get to know me often call me the name of Alanis’ song!

  2. I am a very serious person who has major Type A personality issues, but the bohemian life appeals to me so much!

  3. I have no stage fright, but talking one on one scares me more than death.

  4. I am a closet introvert. Most people will tell you that I am outgoing, but my husband has to drag me out of the house every week. If he didn’t, I might never leave.

  5. I hate to clean with a passion that burns in my soul, but most people think I’m a neat freak.

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