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Tabitha Barret, Author of The Third Throne: Angel of Darkness, Paranormal Romance

Welcome to the Why You Will Love My Book Tour and Happy Valentine's Week! Because we all love romantic books, movies, and cute cards with puppies on them, myself and a number of authors decided to get together and show off our favorite book or new release in the genres of Romance, Paranormal Romance, or Erotic Romance/Erotica! We hope you enjoy them!

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Author Name: Tabitha Barret

Book Title: The Third Throne: Angel of Darkness (Book 1) Newly Revised for 2017!

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Quick Synopsis: A woman finds out two terrible truths: she is destined to end the world and will become the consort of Lucifer, the ruler of Hell.

A little more about The Third Throne: Angel of Darkness: While this is a romance, these characters have to face more challenges than most couples. Aside from a rough start to their relationship, both characters have very dark pasts. Lucifer has made many mistakes over the centuries and must atone for them throughout the series. Michelle, who has no idea who she really is, must come to terms with a major betrayal from someone close to her, a past that will be difficult to accept, and a future that is terrifying. Can they both overcome tremendous odds and find a way to live as happily as they can in Hell?

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Fast paced interview:

What makes your book different from others in your genre?​ My series draws on various established characters from religion and mythology, but doesn't accept that all angels are good and everyone in Hell is bad. Every characters has to decide who they want to be and how they want to live their lives.

Why should readers buy your book? The sex is steamy, the characters are emotional and draws the reader in, and the world is vivid and detailed. The book and the series will try to answer the question if you are destined to do something terrible, something that many are opposed to, does it make you the villain or the hero, if you do it for the right reasons?

What is the one thing you wish you knew about being a writer before you started your book? I wish I understood the writing process a little better. It took a long time for this book to find the right tone. It went through so many revisions I thought I would never publish it.

Where do you draw your inspiration from to write your books? I'm influenced by movies, TV, and music. Often I hear a song and I have an immediate response to it. I can see the story forming in my head or envision what a character is doing. I wish readers could hear the soundtrack in my head as they are reading.

What would you like to say to your readers? Thank you!! I still get chills when readers tell me that they love my series or when they ask for the next book. It makes the constant conversations with my characters in the shower and at bedtime worth it.

Fun facts about Tabitha:

-My husband decided that he needed an alias in case I ever made it big as an author. He is Knives Barret.

-Chocolate is the only substance that I could eat every day.

-I have cried my eyes out at least twice will writing my series.

-I love posting pictures of my four insane dogs on Instagram, especially my goofy Golden Retriever.

-I can wiggle my ears at the same time or independently.

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