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Renee Regent, Author of Unexplained (Higher Elevation series), a Paranormal Romance

Welcome to the Why You Will Love My Book Tour and Happy Valentine's Week! Because we all love romantic books, movies, and cute cards with puppies on them, myself and a number of authors decided to get together and show off our favorite book or new release in the genres of Romance, Paranormal Romance, or Erotic Romance/Erotica! We hope you enjoy them!

Giveaway Alert! Renee will be giving away one of her ebooks. Reader's choice. To enter, click this link and sign up for her newsletter. A winner will be choice at random on Saturday Feb 18th by Renee.

Author Name: Unexplained (Higher Elevation Series Book 1)

Book Title: Renee Regent

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Quick Synopsis: Unexplained is a boy meets girl and discovers they have an out-of-this-world connection. Plus a really bad guy wants to use that connection for evil purposes.

A little more about Unexplained (Higher Elevation Series Book 1)

Can a skeptical journalism student and an astral-traveling psychology major investigate their weird psychic connection (and scorching attraction for each other) before his talents put them in danger?

Purchase Unexplained (Higher Elevation Series Book 1):

Fast paced interview:

What makes this book different? It’s paranormal in the sense of unexplained psychic phenomena, and the couple’s attempt to explain and control it. It’s also set in the late ‘70’s, during the height of the Cold War (integral to the story).

Why should readers buy your book? Reviewers said liked this story because it was unique, and a change of pace form the usual paranormal offerings. They liked the twists and turns, the characters, and and the way the storylines weaved together.

One thing you wished you knew about being a writer- I would have liked to know more about some of the technical aspects, so I could reduce the time it took to design a website, social media, ads, etc…I would have had more time to write then!

Where do you draw inspiration? From real life- as “seeds” for ideas, which I then spin into stories. My characters are usually composites of people I have encountered. I love trying to figure out what makes them tick.

What would you say to readers? I have become friends online with many other authors and writing/publishing professionals over the past few years, and I’m looking forward to engaging with readers as well. You are the reason we do what we do!

Fun facts about Renee:

-Like my heroine, Sarah, I’m a skeptic. But like my Hero, Chris, I am also fascinated with figuring out how psychic phenomena and the supernatural might be explained. I was probably a Paranormal Investigator in a past life!

-I own four turtles, one who has free rein in the house (Myrtle).

- My beverage of choice is wine (any kind but sweet).

-I love Mexican food! Grew up in Los Angeles….

-I’m not much into sports but I love a good hockey game

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