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Meet Nat Kennedy, author of the Gay Urban Fantasy Novel, Edge of Desperation: Wielder World 1

Brains to Books Presents Nat Kennedy!

Book: Edge of Desperation: Wielder World 1

Genre: Gay Urban Fantasy

Book Blurb:

Assistant Professor Reggie Wolfe has simple goals: to help his engineering students succeed and to stop male Wielders from falling into Taint without drawing attention from the Bureau of Wielder Services. A select few can Wield the Nerve of the World. Women Wielders do so freely, without any repercussions. For men, it's another story. They fight Taint and Corruption for the same power. Reggie's easy life upends when Kyle, a young male Wielder, lands at his feet, trapped in his Taint and pursued by the very criminal Wielder cults the Bureau is fighting. As the two work to control Kyle's Taint, Reggie realizes he will do everything he can to help Kyle, even follow him into darkness. Edge of Desperation is the exciting opening novella to the Wielder World series—gay urban fantasy full of magic, suspense, and dedication born of trial and blood. Add to your To Read list on Goodreads:

Author Bio:

Nat Kennedy grew up living in a poorly populated desert landscape. With no neighbors in a 1 mile radius. She had to make up her own fun. Nat strives to create plotty and imaginative fantasy worlds, with the added benefit of gay romance--steamy to tame. Bored of het romance, she jumped into writing her fantasy with gay romance swirled in, like a raspberry ribbon in vanilla ice cream. Contact Nat on Facebook:

Purchase Edge of Desperation: Wielder World 1 or Contact Nat:

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