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Meet Theresa Van Spankeren, author of the Historical Paranormal Novel, Lost Soul

Brains to Books Presents Theresa Van Spankeren!

Book: Lost Soul (War of Destiny)

Genre: Historical Paranormal

Book Blurb: Julia is a vampire who’s over 500 years old in the present day. Memories of her long life come back in startling clarity and she decides to write everything down, to make sense of the life she has lived. Her story begins in 1492, when she is born to a wealthy family living in London. She falls deeply in love with the son of one of the servants and is heartbroken when her family, in keeping with the customs of the times, forces her into an arranged marriage. Unfortunately, the man she is married to is a very powerful man with a dark side, who punishes her as he sees fit. Julia finds that she only has herself to depend on to deal with her husband. Although both her sister and brother-in-law try to help, she pushes them away in fear that they too will get hurt. On the darkest, most painful night of her life, a stranger arrives and offers what only can be a miracle. Desperate, Julia accepts the deal the vampire offers and starts a whole new way of life. She finds that she is given the very things that she had been denied as a human, the promise of things she had wished for her entire life. Yet her dark past never seems too far away. Frightened and wary she struggles to recapture the joy she had before her marriage. She also begins to hesitantly hope for a reunion with the only man she had ever loved. At the same time, her new friends strive to show her trust and love is still possible, even as the prospect of a vampire civil war looms ever closer. Add Lost Soul to your Goodreads list:

Author Bio: Theresa Van Spankeren lives in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. She has ghostwritten online self-help articles in the past and grades standardized tests.

She has been writing since an early age and wrote the first draft of Book 1 of the War of Destiny series back in high school. After several unsuccessful attempts at publishing through major publishing houses, she seized the opportunity to bring her story to the public through self-publishing. Last Halloween, Book 2 of the series, Pursuit into Darkness was also published. She is currently working on book 3. There are at least 6 books planned in the series at this time. When she isn't writing, she enjoys reading, hiking and swimming. She also loves to check out local haunted places. Contact Theresa at Facebook:

Purchase Lost Soul at or Contact Theresa:

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