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#LifeBooksWriting - A Day in the Life of Anjali, the Bringer of Apocalypse

Since my life is not very exciting and I unfortunately don’t get to write every day to the point of having an actual writing routine, I decided to discuss the life of one of my characters for this post.

Anjali, aka Lady Black, is the one of the three ruler of Hell, alongside Lucifer and Hades. In the fourth book, The Third Throne: Angel of Fear, her typical day should include searching for her remaining eight Predznak, or Harbingers, but today she is vexed by a rat that has escaped from the Realm of Teeth, that is running around Alazar, the Angel of Death’s, room. She is trying to figure out how best to help her angel because he is still recovering from a brutal attack by the prisoners in the Realm of Nightmares. She isn’t sure if Alazar can continue in his duties and tempt the mortals to choose the path of Heaven or Hell. He so badly was beaten by the souls that he tempted over the years to choose Hell, that he has lost his confidence. He feels guilty for the pain he has inflicted. Anjali suggests that Alazar join Balthazar, her Angel of Vengeance, and slowly get back into a routine.

During their battle with the flesh-eating rat, she is summoned to the Throne Room by Lev, one of Lucifer’s servants. She sends Derick and Calin, her servants, or Nachtghuls, to the Hall of Mirrors to secure her personal throne, while she reports to Lucifer.

Upon arriving in the Throne Room, she notices that there are entirely too many people in the room. As it turns out, Lucifer and Hades, along with all the Overseers of the Realms, have been taken hostage by prisoners from the Hall of Shadows. A brutal battle ensues and she must find a way to secure the thrones of Hell.

If her day wasn’t bad enough, she receives word from Gabriel, her father, that she is needed in the Mortal Realm immediately. It seems that one of the escaped prisoners from Hell, Fenris, has attacked someone she knew centuries ago. Living countless lives as a mortal, unaware of her destiny to end the world, she fell in love with a number of mortal men. Gabriel kept tabs on the souls of these men and made sure that they always found their way back to Anjali in different lifetimes. Now, Fenris has found one of these men.

Liam was bitten by Fenris, the Wolf God, and is now one of his servants. Anjali, though she has never met Liam in this lifetime, is angry that Fenris would harm one of her soul mates as a form of payback. Fenris lost vision in his eye when he attacked Anjali years ago. Anjali wants to find Fenris and make him pay for tainting Liam’s blood and soul. Liam will never again see Heaven or Hell, nor will Liam have a mind of his own. He is loyal to only his Master. Anjali decides that she can’t leave Liam in Fenris’ control and must find a way to break their bond. Liam can never be mortal again, but she can’t stand the thought of him being Fenris’ puppet.

All in all, it’s not Anjali’s worst days, but it isn’t shaping up to be a stellar day. Though she has fought a siren hell-bent on eating Hades, a shadow creature only interested in turning mortals into revenants and destroying the world, and the Angels of Death and Vengeance on separate occasions, she is not prepared for the battle of wills needed to free Liam from Fenris’ hold.

As you can see, writing about Anjali’s life is much more interesting than discussing laundry, or my day job, or running my kids around to their activities, or making fun of my husband while he’s playing Black Ops. The world inside my head has always been vastly more interesting. I hope you agree!

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