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Author Spotlight: Cameron J Quinn, author of the Starsboro Chronicles.

I had the pleasure of meeting Cameron J. Quinn, author of the Urban Fantasy series, The Starsboro Chronicals at a recent event. One of her Works in Progress caught my attention, so I decided to learn more about her and her series.


What is your book, The Starsboro Chronicles, about?

Each chronicle is about a new situation my main character’s find themselves in. The first one is about a case involving missing women, while the second is about a changeling. The third is the Starsboro version of the hook man legend and the fourth is about facing your fears. Each one focuses around a group of core characters with secondary characters showing up now and again.

How did you come up with the idea for The Starsboro Chronicles?

Zurik and Trent kind of inserted themselves into my consciousness while I was working on a book about their parents actually. Zurik wouldn’t in particular wouldn’t leave me alone so I started writing some scenes that would end up spread throughout the serial.

When did you start writing?

I started as a child, as I think most of us do. I came up with the idea that would end up being Zurik and Trent’s parents when I was ten. It was way different back then but that’s where it started.

Do you have plans for a sequel?

I have plans for three seasons of chronicles.

What would be your ideal project?

As long as I’m having fun and the readers are enjoying it I’m happy. As an Indie I get to work on whatever I want. I am involved with Amphibian Press and they did push me in one direction while making my five year publishing plan but I was excited about the project anyway.

What are you working on now?

Currently I’m trying to finish up season 1 of the chronicles and get Civilization is Dead (Book 1 in my Apocalypse Diaries) ready for publication. I’m also working on a short Dark Fantasy for an anthology with the Press. It takes place in the world Zurik’s dad is from so readers can get a better feel for it before those books come out.

Tell us a little bit about yourself!

I’m a stay at home mom, I’ve been married for seven years and have too many animals to count. Not really, I have four cats and three dogs. One dog is a foster pup for my friend and business partner. I also run the website, and help authors get reviews and exposure on

Is there anything else you would like tell us?

The Starsboro Chronicles are a serial, which means that like a TV series you don’t get as much information as you’d like about the characters or the world right away. That is layered in over time. There are currently four chronicles available. They are released monthly January through October. Ten per season.

Also, I love to hear from readers. I also take suggestions. If you want a character to be put in a certain situation let me know it might end up in a future chronicle.

Purchase the Starsboro Chronicles:

Author Bio: Cameron Quinn is an author of Paranormal Romance, Horror, Urban Fantasy, and Thriller genres. THE STARSBORO CHRONICLES, a series of ten Urban Fantasy novelettes (she didn't know it was thing either until her editor told her) will be released in episodes starting in January of 2016. She works as the Head of Marketing at Amphibian Press; a small press dedicated to helping independent authors navigate the publishing ocean. Her home is in central New England with her husband, two young sons, and too many animals to mention, but she hopes to travel a bit before truly settling down. Cameron was born and raised on a fifteen-acre farm in New Hampshire. They did not rely on the livestock for money but rather enjoyed having chickens for fresh eggs and cows for fresh milk. The woods surrounding the farm, was where her first stories of Fairy Princesses were born. Now, having moved on from those tales she still takes to the woods to create the characters and worlds we have come to love.

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