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#LifeBooksWriting - My Writing Room


Thank you to Anna B. Madrise for introducing me to the #LifeBooksWriting Author Challenge.

My writing room is in my bedroom in the corner of the room. When I am inspired to write in the early morning or evening, I have to type quietly while my husband is sleeping. Often, I’m writing in the dark because I am desperate to finish my thought before bedtime.

Typically, I write with music on and possibly the fan to keep the noise level down. With three crazy dogs and two teens, the house can be very loud, especially when Black Ops is being played right below me. I’m lucky to have a private space since my husband was forced to take over part of the playroom for his computer desk.

Next to my desk, I have our combined bookshelf with books from college through now. You’ll find a lot of Paranormal Romance / Urban Fantasy books lurking in there. I keep copies of my books next to me as a reminder of what I have accomplished so far. It helps me keep my sights set on my target.

On the other side of my desk, is my audio equipment. I have been branching out into different avenues of advertising and marketing by participating in live interviews and panel discussions. I also recorded a chapter for my latest book, The Third Throne: Angel of Vengeance. I was terrified of recording myself, but I powered through it. I am planning to record more readings in the near future.

Lastly, you will always find notes scribbled on white paper at odd angels. I am notorious for going to bed and coming up with great ideas. Though I have a notebook on the table next to my bed, I rarely use the ideas I write in there. Instead, I jump out of bed, grab a sheet of paper from the printer, and write down my idea in the dark. Most of those ideas are used in my books.

I’m happy that I have a little corner of the world where I can write about my stories and experiences. My desk has always been a sanctuary for my crazy thoughts, even when I was younger.

#lifebookswriting #blog #writing #thethirdthrone

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