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Fiction Novel "The Third Throne: Angel of Darkness" Wins New Apple eBook Award for Excellence in Independent Publishing

Dayton, OH, January 02, 2016 --( "The Third Throne: Angel of Darkness" by Tabitha Barret receives Medalist Honors in the "Romance" category of the 2015 New Apple Summer eBook Awards for Excellence in Independent Publishing.

Book Synopsis
Michelle Black is plagued by terrifying nightmares of Hell and the disturbing ability to see the sins of men. Deceived by an unknown voice that threatens her and begs her to "join him," she suddenly finds herself trapped in the place of her nightmares, Hell.

Michelle is told that she must now serve the Angel of Darkness, Lucifer, in more ways than one. Though he professes his love for her, she isn't sure that he can be trusted. Her life becomes more complicated when Lucifer's calculating second-in-command, Hades, marks her as an enemy. Michelle must find the will to fight against unseen enemies and those who fear that she will learn the truth about her true identity and her dark destiny.

Who is Michelle Black? Is she really a servant, or is she something more? Who is she meant to be, and will she live long enough to find out?

"The Third Throne: Angel of Darkness" is the first book in the steamy Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance series that introduces us to Michelle Black and her dark destiny. She must fight to survive in Hell as she searches for the terrifying truth about her dark gifts.

About the Author
Tabitha Barret is a Paranormal Romance author who lives in New Jersey with her husband, two children, and three crazy dogs. She met her husband in Creative Writing classes in college, though it took a little convincing for him to ask her out. In her free time, of which she doesn't have much, she reviews books by other authors, and writes a blog about tips and suggestions for future authors trying to publish their works. She is currently working on her "Third Throne" Series.

About the New Apple Summer eBook Awards
The New Apple Summer eBook Awards for Excellence in Independent Publishing was established to honor the creative achievements of the unsung books fighting for their place within the digital publishing world. Any English language book published within the last three years, currently available for sale by an independent author or small press that met the Awards' guidelines was eligible for entry. One book was chosen in each category as the Medalist Winner receiving the highest honors. In addition, the judges were permitted to choose up to three Official Selections for category distinction.

Contact Information
The Third Throne: Angel of Darkness is available in paperback and e-book and can be purchased at Amazon. To find out more about the New Apple Book Awards, visit

"The Third Throne: Angel of Darkness"
Author: Tabitha Barret
Publishing House: Self-Published
ISBN: 978-1511605281
Author website:
Twitter: @TabithaBarret

Tabitha Barret is available for public appearances, signings, interviews and blog tours. Contact the author at

New Apple Contact Information
New Apple Literary Services


Contact Information

New Apple Literary Services
Michael Addams

The Third Throne: Angel of Death Book Blog Tour Has Been Announced! 


Bewitching Book Tours is hosing the Third Throne: Angel of Death Book Blog Tour

September 28-October 12


Tour Dates:


September 28   - Mythical Books - Guest Blog Entitled: "Angels as Sexual Beings"


September 28   - 3 Partners in Shopping, Nana, Mommy,  and Sissy, Too! - Author Spotlight


September 29   - Deal Sharing Aunt - Author Interview


September 29   -  A Bookaholic’s Fix: Feeding the Addiction  - Author Spotlight


September 30   -  Host Author Karen Swart  - Character Interview with Alazar, the Angel of Death


September 30   -  Teatime and Books  -  Author Spotlight


October 1   -  Eclipse Reviews  - Author  Interview


October 1   -  Vampires, Werewolves & Fairies, Oh My  -  Author Spotlight


October 2   -  Roxanne’s Realm  -  Author Spotlight


October 2   -  Literary Musings  -  Author Spotlight


October 5   -  Happy Tails and Tales  -  Interview and  Book Review


October 5   -  Lisa’s World of Books  - Author Spotlight


October 6   -  The Reading Head  -  Author Interview


October 6   -  The Creatively Green Write at Home Mom  -  Author Spotlight


October 7   -  Host Author Marsha A Moore  -  Guest Blog Entitled: "Finding the Right Genre for Your Book"


October 8   -  Share My Destiny  -  Author Spotlight


October 8   -  I Smell Sheep  - Book Review


October 9   -  Fang-tastic Books  -  Guest Blog Entitled:  "Taking on the Paranormal Genre, from a Writer's Perspective"


October 9  -  Fantatical Paranormal Romantical  -  Book Review


October 12  -  Zenny's Awesome Book Reviews  -  Author Spotlight


October 12   -  Around the World in Books  -  Author Spotlight

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Press Release


Will You Be Tempted by The Third Throne: Angel of Death?

Tabitha Barret August 1, 2015


Randolph, NJ - The Paranormal Romance / Urban Fantasy book, “The Third Throne: Angel of Death” by author Tabitha Barret has been released in Paperback and for Kindle on  This is the second book in the Third Throne series and takes place in Romania as Alazar, the Angel of Death, is close to succumbing to the darkness growing inside of him and becoming a Rogue Angel.  He has been tasked with tempting the mortals to choose between the sins of committing murder or suicide, or choosing Heaven.  Sadly, he has lost his way and is pushing the mortals past their limits, condemning them to Hell.  His Master, Anjali is the only one who can stop him.

A group of paranormal investigators will be used as pawns in their fight.  Anjali must protect the mortals while trying to gain control over her deadly angel.  Anjali has more to lose then she thinks when she starts to fall for one of the Spirit Experts.  Who will survive this dangerous game?


The Third Throne Series is a planned twelve book series that will follow Anjali as she tries to locate and contain her Harbingers, known as the Predznak, before she can complete her mission of destroying the world.  She must find the Angels of Death, Vengeance, Fear, Distrust, Illness, Desire, Anger, Agony, Deception, and Hunger.  Each angel will bring her closer to fulfilling her destiny as the Bringer of the Apocalypse.


Tabitha Barret is a local New Jersey author and mom who tries to find the time to write her books while taking care of her two children, with the love and support of her husband.  A graduate of Rutgers University, she is living out her dream of writing about the fantastic characters that have occupied her mind for decades. 


The Third Throne: Angel of Death can be purchased at and  More information about the book and the series can be found at  Tabitha can be found on Facebook, Twitter, and on her blog, “Holy Crap I Wrote a Book, Now What?”, dedicated to helping new authors navigate the world of book publishing while highlighting authors with her “Author Spotlights” and book reviews.

Press Release

New Jersey Mom Fulfills Her Dream of Becoming an Author

Tabitha Barret April 2015


Randolph, NJ - A local New Jersey mom had fulfilled her dream of becoming an author by releasing her first book, “The Third Throne: Angel of Darkness”, under the pen name, Tabitha Barret.  Between working a full time job, driving her kids to tae kwon do practice, and taking care of her husband and three dogs, she somehow managed to find time to not only write one book, but write the framework for a twelve book series.


Barret’s “Third Throne” series is a paranormal romance that follows a young woman as she learns of her dark destiny to end the world.  While the book may sound like a religious tome, it focuses more on the concepts of morality and loyalty while it creates its own unique world that pulls from all aspects of the paranormal.  It is intended for mature audiences due to the romantic nature of the books, and the struggles associated with fulfilling a destiny most would consider evil.  The series itself focuses on the main character, Anjali, as she hunts down her wayward Angels of Temptation, who were created to help her achieve her mission, but have lost their way, and become affected by the very temptations they hold within them.


Barret has been writing since she was young, but only began her mission of creating the series three years ago.  During a difficult time with her kindergartener, she made the tough decision to take time off from work to devote more time to her children.  She spent her free moments creating the structure of her story, though the main idea had come to her decades before.  Once her children started school in the Fall, she found the extra hours she needed to write the beginnings of the series.


Once Barret went back to work, she was relegated to writing in her car on her laptop during tae kwon do practice, or when the children were asleep.  It was difficult for her to find time to juggle her life and her writing, but she finished two books and part of the third before she was ready to tell the world what she had been working on.  She was concerned that people would look down on her for writing paranormal romance, but was relieved when her family and friends supported her efforts.


Now Barret tries to educate other young authors on how to accomplish their goals by writing a weekly blog called, “Holy Crap, I Wrote a Book, Now What?”  She details her struggles and accomplishments in the hopes of inspiring and educating other aspiring authors.  She also offers advice for new authors on editing, publishing, and promoting their work.


Barret plans to release her next book in the series, “The Third Throne: Angel of Death”, by Summer 2015 and looks forward to continuing to write her upcoming books.

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