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Love the Jewels Cafe and Spell Library Series?

Try the Silver Skates Series!

Misty (Silver Skates 12)


I date losers.  You heard me right.  Give me the guys who buy you a drink just to get into your pants.  Give me the guys who say they love you and ghost you the next day.  Give me the guy who plays Xbox right after sex.  I date them all.  Why, you ask?  So I won't fall in love with them.

But Gray, why wouldn't you want to fall in love, you'll ask.  Why would I want to?  I've been betrayed and hurt so badly, I never want to think about love.  I'm happy just being me, or so I tell myself.

Of course, a major complication has just rolled into town.  Now, I'm forced to deal with my past, the past I left behind when I came to Silver Springs to work for Dahlia as a tattoo artist, at Lady Blue Tattoo.

How many times can a woman reinvent herself before she's finally happy?  I'm not sure yet, but I'll let you know when I figure it out. 


Misty is an Steamy RH Paranormal Romance / Fantasy Romance in Silver Skates / Silver Springs shared universe.


Each story can be read independently. Scroll up to read Dahlia, Spells Library romance today!

Now Available!

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