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Redshift, by AR Declerck, A SciFi/Cyberpunk Romance Novel

Welcome to my Fast and Fun interview with AR DeClerk! If you love Sci-Fi/Cyberpunk Romance, or as AR calls it FUTUREPUNK, keep reading to find out why you NEED Redshift!

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Author Name: AR DeClerck

Book Title: Redshift

Genre: SciFi/Cyberpunk/Romance

Quick Synopsis: A fun blend of tech, post-apocalypse angst and romance.

A little more about Redshift: A mysterious wormhole appeared at the edge of a Nevada town in 2018, and Rand and his team are the first on sight. He knows he will be the first physicist to prove that time travel is real. When the wormhole goes into flux it takes the entire town and Rand’s lover with it. Rand knows that if he ever hopes to see his lover again he will have to follow her through the wormhole to whenever, and wherever, it took her.

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Fast paced interview:

What makes your book different from others in your genre? Really, this book doesn’t fit into any standard genre: SO I CREATED MY OWN! I call this book FUTUREPUNK.

Why should readers buy your book? This book is perfect for readers who want EPIC FEELS. I adore the couple and how hard they work to find one another again.

What is the one thing you wish you knew about being a writer before you started your book? Being an author is much more than just writing a book. There is so much WORK involved in creating and marketing a story readers will love.

What would you like to say to your readers? There is nothing more exciting than the adventure of falling in love. My characters go through hell to be together, but it’s always fun to see what might happen to bring them together in the end.

Fun facts about AR:

  • I love music. I have extremely eclectic tastes ranging from alternative like Starset to acapella like Pentatonix and instrumental like Lindsey Stirling.

  • I obsess over my favorite TV shows. Right now I am attached to Sherlock, Killjoys, Dark Matter and 12 Monkeys.

  • My “day job” is working in the dialysis industry, helping people who are dealing with kidney failure lead long, productive lives.

  • I should have been a librarian, but I chose to go into healthcare because I like wearing scrubs. (Seriously, it’s like being in PJs all day)

  • I love thunderstorms and rainy days. I’m a pluviofile.

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I am also the author of the Mythical Madness series (fantasy romance) a steampunk series (The Alchemist’s Kiss and Enchanter’s Embrace) and several standalone SFR novels. I am currently working on a cyborg romance series called Aeon Project.

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