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Books in the Celtic Gods Rising Series
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God of the Deep

Celtic Gods Rising Book 2

Manannan mac Lir, the Celtic Sea God and the new leader of Otherworld, finds himself in the middle of a war with ancient gods who are terrorizing an Irish village.  With the Celtic Gods weakened and powerless, Manannan enlists the help of two unlikely heroes to help him protect the town.


Molly, a waitress without a past, is attacked by a unknown assailant and is rescued by a strong, handsome man, who has vowed to keep her safe.  Afraid to tell him her terrible secret, Molly is fearful that Manannan will leave her once he knows the truth about her.


With the powerful gods luring Manannan's former allies to their side and threatening everyone he holds dear, will he save the woman and the town he loves or will he lose everything?


God of the Deep is the second book in the steamy Paranormal Romance series, Celtic Gods Rising.


Note that this book is intended for Mature Readers due to foul language, sex, and violence.

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