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Books in the Third Throne Series



According to Greek myths, out of chaos, Earth came into existance, followed by Hell, and then love.  When Anjali finds out that this myth was based on a real occurance, she learns the horrible truth.  She was not the first Bringer of the Apocaylse.   She will learn about the terrible legacy of the Destroyer when she comes face to face with her predecessor.


A forgotten enemy at the bottom of the ocean plots his revenge against Heaven and will use Sacha, the Angel of Deception, to kill Anjali.  An unsuspecting mortal will be caught in the middle of their battle and lose his life.  He will have to fight the shadow of his dark past if he wants to escape the fires of Hell.

The Third Throne: Angel of Darkness is the tenth book in the steamy Adult Paranormal Romance series that continues the countdown to the Apocalypse.




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