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Love the Jewels Cafe Series?
Try the Silver Springs Pets Series!

Raven (Silver Springs Pets #5)

According to my friends, love is in the air in Silver Springs. Given my history with magic, I know that Cupid isn't responsible for helping my friends find their soul mates. It's magic. The very thing I have sworn off since my academy days. I understand too well the trouble that magic can cause.

Besides, I'm too busy running O'Malley's Irish Pub and running away from my past to fall in love.

I mean, can I really be blamed for mistakes I made fifteen years ago when I had pimples? Just because I made some mistakes doesn't mean I shouldn't put all that behind me. I prefer being Charlene or "Charlie," as my friends call me. Yet, I can't get away from the person I used to be. I want to forget about being "Raven," though my enemies are happy to remind me of the terrible things I've done.

Despite wanting nothing to do with love, I can't seem to avoid the smoking hot caster, the conjurer who believes I'm guilty of a crime, and my wolf-shifter friend with whom I accidentally had an amazing one-night stand. How hard is it to achieve my goal of being a lonely spinster with too many pets?

Raven is part of the Silver Springs Pets shared universe but can be read as a standalone.

Paranormal RH Rom-Com with shifters, witches, and a lot of humor.

Coming December 2023

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