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Meet the Spirit Experts
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1st Place Winner Urban Fantasy Novel
Paranormal Romance Guild Reviewer Awards 2015
1st Place Winner Urban / Fantasy Romance Series
Paranormal Romance Guild Reviewer Awards 2015

What lengths would you go to if someone you loved was in pain and you could help them? What would you sacrifice?

Anjali’s journey has begun as she searches for ten angels that will help her fulfill her destiny of ending the world. While searching for her troubled Angel of Death, Alazar, she meets a handsome mortal named Derick, a paranormal investigator who has stumbled upon the hiding place of her dangerous angel. She must figure out how to stop Alazar from destroying the town while keeping the alluring mortal safe.

Alazar, the Angel of Death, is struggling to carry out his task of tempting the mortals, but is pushing them beyond their limits and forcing them to harm others or themselves. He believes that his Master, Anjali, has abandoned him and his brothers and left them to suffer on their own. Too many years have passed and he has lost hope. He blames Anjali for all his pain and is on the verge of becoming a Rogue Angel.

Derick and his friends, the Spirit Experts, are exploring a Romanian castle for proof of the afterlife. When a mysterious woman named Annie befriends their group, Derick has trouble focusing on the investigation and can’t stop thinking about this fascinating woman. She is beautiful, but he can tell that a deep sadness lies within her. He can see that she carries a heavy burden on her shoulders, but can’t understand why. She speaks of love as something unattainable and claims that she can never find happiness. He wants to love her, but she keeps pulling away from him.

Can Anjali convince Alazar that she is there to save him, not force him into subjugation? Can she make him remember who he was, and who he is meant to be? Can she heal years of torture under Lucifer’s rule?

Will she keep Derick from learning her real identity as they become closer? Will she be able to walk away from the irresistible mortal she finds herself drawn to and return to her life in Hell?

The Third Throne: Angel of Death is the second book in the steamy Adult Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance series. Each angel Anjali finds brings the world closer to the Apocalypse!





Deleted Scene

As many of my fans know, in the original draft of The Third Throne: Angel of Death, I was still working under the misconception that Anjali would not only love her Nachtghuls, but also her Predznak.  It wasn't until I was almost finished with Death that I realized two things.  1) Sex with 10 different men was one thing, but sex with 10 additional angels would be madness.  I didn't want the series to fall apart like the Anita Blake series did and lose the story line to all the sex scenes.  2) It dawned on me that the Predznak needed to have faith in Anjali and her destiny in order to destroy the world.  If they loved her, they could later claim that they did it for love rather than because it was the right thing to do.  They all volunteered for different reasons, but if they were to actually end the world, they needed to do it for the right reasons.  Love can blind us to the truth.  I needed the Predznak to have faith in her and her dark destiny.

Though many fans may want Anjali to hook up with her angels that aspect has been removed from the story.  However, the original draft still exists, so I am able to post one of the deleted scenes where Anjali and Alazar become very intimate.

Be warned that this post is not edited and is VERY steamy.  It takes place in Romania in Anjali's hotel room just before she gives Alazar his ultimatum.  Please note that much of story was changed in the final edits, so some pieces may not make sense or may not fit with the final version.  The Third Throne: Angel of Death was 5 years in the making, so it went through many, many changes.

I hope you enjoy the deleted scene!

              Placing her hand lightly in Alazar’s hand changed her entire world.  The raw power below the surface clawed at her and begged to be released so that it could welcome Death home, but she pushed it down.  She focused on his inviting mouth as she stepped closer, brushing her legs brushed against his.  Her other hand pushed into his hair.  She slowly tugged at his hair until his face was turned up to hers.  Alazar’s eyes were glazed over and his lips were parted.  He was waiting for her to kiss him.

              He was startled when her mouth collided with his and took full possession.  He lapped at her mouth, thirsty for intimacy.  He moaned her name to feel closer to her.  Her lips were soft yet eager, conveying all of the emotions inside of her, desire, want, and need.  Her hands on his face held him still while she plunged her tongue into his mouth.  As their breath mingled, they both eased their assault until they found the perfect rhythm. 

               Alazar’s mind was in a haze.  He was home.  He saw the ethereal light of Heaven and felt the warmth and peace that accompanied the light.  This was his shelter, the place where he could remember who he was and what he was meant to do.  He had been away for too long.  He vowed never to stay away so long again.  Sanctuary.  He wanted to scream it from the top of the world.  Here he was safe.  Here he could find happiness.  It was so simple.  Why had he waited so long to return?  Why had he denied himself this pleasure?

                Anjali’s skin felt like dancing flame, and she wanted more.  She felt his hands grasping her hips, pulling her closer.  Breaking away from the kiss, she pushed him further into the chair maneuvered her legs until she was standing over him.  The hunger in his eyes made her tingle and ache for his touch.   

                Straddling his lap, he nearly black out when she pressed herself down against his throbbing erection.  He thought about removing his pants, but he didn’t want to make assumptions, as he had in the tower.  He had no idea where this was going, but tried not to think about taking her body.  This time he was going to enjoy the moment and take whatever solace he could get. 

                Her lips continued to pull at his.  She licked his mouth, took his lower lip into her mouth, and nibbled on it.  She was greedy for him and he was elated.  This was the first time in an eternity that he felt like he was a part of something.  He wasn’t just going through the motions, taking and giving nothing in return.  She was eager for him and he held her tight, not wanting to let go of her.  She moved her mouth lower to his jaw and then dragged her teeth along his jawbone.  His hands clung to her ass as he gasped and ground his shaft against her thigh.  She lightly licked and blew against his ear lobe.  Then she ran her teeth gently over it and licked her way around of the rest of his ear.

                Anjali rubbed against Alazar’s erection desperate to ease her ache.  She slid her hands under his black suit jacket and moved them across his chest and shoulders.  She pushed jacket off his shoulders and down his arms.  He was forced to let go of her, trapped by his jacket.  His arms were pinned at his sides.  She held him against the chair, effectively telling him not to move, while she leaned back to look at him.

                Alazar shook when he saw Anjali panting.  Her gazed raked across his face and chest.  Her lips were puffy and red from his rough kisses.  He wanted to remove his jacket and touch her, but he liked the feeling of having her in control.  It made his erection stiffen and jerk in anticipation.

She made quick work of the buttons on his black shirt and peeled the fabric from his strong chest.  He was lean but muscular.  His chest was chiseled beneath her hands and she was fascinated by how smooth his skin was.  It didn’t surprise her that he had little in the way of chest hair, only a few sprigs here and there.  She was compelled to explore his pale skin.  She kissed her way down his neck and collarbone until she reached his upper chest, using her tongue to trace every line and plain.  He groaned beneath her and pushed his body against her mouth.

                She pulled the band from her hair and let her long silky waves brush along his sides and chest as she moved, sending shivers throughout his whole body.  Her warm tongue and breath melted his numbness.  He needed her badly, but he let her continue to explore him as he enjoyed the feel of her riding and kissing him.  He was dying to see what she would do next.

                Alazar was driving her mad.  She was wet and desperate for him, but this wasn’t about her.  This was about proving that she could place his needs above hers. 

               She slowly slid off his lap until she was kneeling between his legs, all the while trailing her tongue down his stomach and lower to the last bit of exposed skin just above his pants.  His hipbone jutted out from the top of the pants.  Their gyrations had lowered them to the point where only a few more centimeters and she could lick his c*ck without taking them off.  The idea fascinated her.  Before she could finish licking his hipbone, she pushed his pants down and freed the tip of his c*ck.  Flicking the bottom ridge of his head with her tongue, she was greeted with a deep moan as his back bent off the chair.  She circled his broad head and twirled around it until she heard the suit jacket popping and ripping from the strain of Alazar’s trapped arms.

                She traced every dip and curve of the full head until she was satisfied that she had learned what made him moan the loudest and what could draw the alluring moisture from it.  Alazar’s arms were ripping apart the jacket, though she doubted he knew what he was doing.

                Popping the button free on his expensive suit pants, she was granted access to his stiff shaft.  She ran her tongue down his length as she slowly unzipped the pants.  When she reached his dark curls, she snapped the seam of the fabric apart and lowered herself so that she could lick his balls one by one.

                Alazar’s world fell apart the second lightening collided with his c*ck and left him breathless.  His body was out of control and it responded to each lick, each wet, soft stroke.  He twitched and bucked not knowing what to scream or to hanging on to.  All thoughts of leaving this woman were banished from his head.  Lucifer himself couldn’t pry him from this chair and this woman. 

                He had the vague memory of another mouth attempting to please his senses but that mouth couldn’t compare.  Her beauty was dull compared to the woman in his lap.  No one else could ever make him feel more alive, that was painfully obvious as he looked down at the long black hair that tickled and tantalized his blazing skin.  The blue eyes that seduced him were more beautiful than the clearest sky.  He no longer craved Heaven, he craved her and not just because her exquisite mouth was ravaging his frozen body, but because she wanted him, not just for sex, but forever.  She came for him.  It may have taken longer than he wanted, but she was here with him now.

                Anjali wasn’t happy with his reaction just yet.  She reared up, shredded the rest of his pants, and tore them from his legs.  She swooped in while he was trying to figure out why she had stopped.  Lifting his sac, she went lower.  She ran her tongue along the skin between his sac and his a**.  The sound of the jacket tearing in half made her chuckle.

                Slowly she lifted her head to look at him.  Alazar was sweating and shaking, his arms still covered in strips of fabric as he reached for her face and hair. 

                Alazar gulped.  She looked like a goddess perched between his knees.  Her hair was wild and falling around her shoulders and face.  The delicious color of her reddened cheeks showed him that she was as excited as he was.  Her eyes were filled with lust and power.  She knew what she was doing and what she wanted.  He waited in anticipation, praying that she would take him into her mouth.

                Catching him behind his knees, she pulled him to the edge of the chair and positioned herself against the crook of his legs.  She pushed his body back against the chair to gain better access his hips.  She moved his arms behind his back.  He obliged by hanging on to the spindles on the chair back.  His eyes were locked on hers.

                He nearly came when she slowly and seductively pulled her shirt over her head, exposing her black satin bra and glorious cleavage.  Without taking her eyes off him, she unhooked her bra and let each perfect orb spill free.  She wiggled forward until her breasts were resting on his lap just over his balls.  His erection was ticking in time with his heartbeat.  She ran her fingers down his shaft, making him squirm in the chair and shudder.  Without warning, he was in her burning mouth, begging for mercy.   

                 Unable to contain himself any longer, he howled as the combination of her warm breasts, tight hand, and wet mouth sliding over him, overloaded his senses.  The word sexy was redefined in that moment and would never be the same again.

                Anjali squeezed her hand around the base of his hard shaft while she teased his bulbous head with her tongue and her mouth.  She swirled her tongue over the sensitive skin, took it into her mouth, and sucked hard.  It was time to drive him out of his mind.  Twisting her hand and moving it against his ridged flesh, she urged him on by slowly sliding her mouth over more and more of his length.  She imagined what would be like to take his luscious c*ck into her body and moaned at the thought.

                Alazar’s couldn’t breathe.  This woman was a fantasy; one that he never knew existed.  Every man wanted a woman that could entice their bodies and minds, while fulfilling their needs and desires.  Anjali was quickly becoming that woman.  She was firmly accepted as his fantasy woman the second that she took his c*ck deep into her throat.  He would never take another woman into his bed again.

                He grabbed fistfuls of her hair as his body trembled.  His muscles tightened until they felt like they would snap under the strain.  He knew he was close.

                “Oh f*ck, I’m going to come.  You’d better stop.”  It took every ounce of self-control he had to stop her.  He wanted to be inside her body.

                She ignored him and continued her assault.  She wanted him to come in her mouth and taste him. 

                 Alazar threw his head back and bellowed her name to the ceiling as he came in her mouth.  He didn’t yell out Lady Black, he yelled Anjali.  In that moment, she felt satisfied.  It was a small acceptance, even though it wasn’t a vow, she would take it.

                When he was spent, Alazar collapsed back against the chair and gasped for air.  Anjali chuckled as she rose from the ground.  This was how she wanted to see him, sated, and content.  It was much better than being attacked by him.  She felt closer to him, as if they had bonded in some way beyond the intimacy. 

                “D*mn it, you pushed me too far.  Just give me a minute to catch my breath and then I’ll take care of you Anjali.”  He panted.  The urge to please her was riding him hard.

                “I’m okay.  Just come here and lie with me on the bed.”  She was far from okay, but she didn’t want him to think that she was anything like Serena, demanding that he please her.

She walked over to the bed and lay down on her side across the width of the bed.

                 It took a moment for Alazar to regain all of his senses and rise from the chair.  He seemed surprised to see the disheveled state of his clothes.  He shook off the remnants of his jacket and pulled his shirt off.  Shaking his legs, the remainder of the pants fell to the ground.  His smirk was sexy and his eyes were playful.

               Alazar climbed on the bed and lay down on his side next to her.  She looked beautiful half naked with a sweet smile on her face.

               “Remind me not to wear my good suit the next time you want tear my clothes apart.”  He chuckled as he pulled a stray lock of hair away from her face and kissed the spot where the hair had been.

               “I’ll give you advanced warning in writing.”  She laughed.  It was nice seeing Alazar lighthearted and carefree.  She wondered how long it had been since he’d felt like this.

Deleted Scene
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