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New Adult Paranormal/Fantasy RH

Bloodlust: House of Vampires

(Wicked Reform School Series #5)

Welcome paranormal delinquent... We hope you enjoy your stay at Wicked Reform School.

To facilitate this, we have a few rules:

1) Never disobey your instructors or staff
2) Be at the appointed place at the appointed time
3) Fights will not be tolerated (unless sanctioned by your guards)

If you follow these rules, you’ll be fine. If not, well...

They didn’t have to say anymore. Everyone knew the ending to the sentence. Reform or die…it was our only choice. Because this wasn’t a school, it was our prison.

BLOODLUST: HOUSE OF VAMPIRES is a steamy new adult reverse harem academy romance with a twist! At this reform school, you’ll discover wicked paranormals, wicked punishments, and wicked pleasure, like you’ve never read before!

Preorder your copy to discover who will survive.

Wicked Reform School is a multi-author shared world series with unique stories featuring characters who walk the line of their paranormal laws.

Coming June 4th

YA Paranormal/Fantasy RH

Pearl (Jewels Cafe Book 8)

Readers of the Hallowed Woods Academy, don't miss out on
Celeste's breakout book in the Jewels Cafe Series!

Pearl "Celeste" Dreger is a witch who can't cast spells, much to her family's embarrassment.   She reluctantly leaves her friends at Hallowed Woods Academy and returns home for the Winter Solstice Celebration.  All Celeste wants to do is disappear into a good book until she learns that she must help plan the coven's seasonal events with the witches and wizards who have mocked her for years.

One bad day and a Pumpkin Spice Latte later, everything in Celeste's world is completely turned around.  Benjamin, the boy next door who her mother doesn't approve of, breaks her heart.  Carson, the handsome jokester, professes his love for her.  But, strangest of all, the black cat, that only she can see, reveals a dark secret that puts her in danger.

Can Celeste prove that she isn't powerless or broken to a town who looks down on her?  Can she figure out the identity of the Shadow Masters before they harm anyone else close to her?  Will she live up to her namesake and save her hometown?

Pearl is a standalone YA Paranormal Romance Reverse Harem. It is part of the Jewels Cafe series.

Available NOW!

YA Paranormal/Fantasy RH

Hallowed Woods Academy: Semester 1

Formerly in the Magic and Mayhem Anthology!

From the time I was ten, I could do strange things, things I couldn't explain.  When my mother was taken from me and institutionalized, all I cared about was finding her.  My only goal was running away from the foster families and getting back to her.


That all changed the night I was chased through the streets by men carrying wands.  That's right.  Wands.  Cornered, I had no way out until a handsome stranger found me.  Now, I've come to learn that my strange ability isn't so strange because I am a witch.


Taken in by the Hallowed Woods Academy, a school for witches and wizards, I am determined to learn how to cast spells, while I search for the truth about my mother.  Armed with only her diary and a pendant with the school's logo engraved on it, I must figure out why my mother kept my heritage a secret and why I am being hunted before my new friends are pulled into my fight.

​Available September 25th, 2019!

Steamy Paranormal Romance
God of the Deep final.jpg
As Originally Seen in the
Shamrocked Anthology

Celtic Gods Rising Series!

Goddess of Mine

Keridwen, a Celtic nature goddess, left everything behind to live a simple life in Ireland.  When she is ruthlessly ambushed by Morrigan and her werewolves, Keridwen is forced to flee her home in search of help.  Poisoned and unconscious, a handsome farmer named Quinn finds her and pledges to nurse her back to health.

Pretending to be a mortal, Keridwen stays with Quinn, vowing to help him with the cattle and his garden.  She quickly realizes that the summer leaves are falling off the trees and the crops are failing.  Unsure what is happening, she reaches out to an old ally to learn that there is trouble brewing with the gods and goddess.

Weak and powerless, can Keridwen find a way to protect Quinn's town and all of Ireland from a fiendish plot by her kin to regain their former glory?  Can she save the mortal she has grown to love from the dangers of her world?

God of the Deep

Manannan mac Lir, the Celtic Sea God, has taken over the leadership of Otherworld after the defeat of Morrigan. While trying to return the gods to their former glory,  Manannan finds himself in the middle of a war with an ancient god who wants rule Otherworld and enslave the mortals.


Molly, a simple waitress, is pushed off a cliff by a unknown assailant and is rescued by a strong, handsome man, who has vowed to stop her mystery attacker and keep her safe.  Afraid to tell him her terrible secret, Molly is worried that Manus will leave her once he knows the truth about her.


With a powerful god threatening the town and demanding a blood sacrifice, will Manannan be able to protect the mortals, and keep the beautiful woman he rescued safe, or will he lose everything that he cares about?

Fantasy Romance (RH)
Deadly Princes - Queen of the Mist Series
Available on Kindle Unlimited!
One Determined Princess. Three Cunning Princes. Four Kingdoms Fighting for their Survival.

Without a stronger leader, the Mountain Mist fears it will soon be overrun by the Senki Demoni, shadow demons who are ruthlessly attacking the surrounding kingdoms. When her father is lost in battle, Princes Yasmine is ready to be Queen of her kingdom, but tradition dictates that there must be a King to rule.

Yasmin's advisors create a contest to marry her to a prince from the allied kingdoms in order to survive.

The prince from the Glade must secure her hand to save his people, the prince from the Seafarers wants to claim her gold and silver mines before murdering her, while the prince from the Dark Forest is forced to abandon his magic to secure Yasmine's throne for his father's growing ambitions.

Can Yasmine become the leader her people need? Can the handsome princes prove themselves worthy of the defiant princess, and save their kingdoms from the Senki before all is lost?


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Steamy Paranormal Romance (Slow Burn RH)
The Third Throne Series

Coming Soon:

The Third Throne:

Angel of Illness

The Third Throne Series is a steamy Adult Urban Fantasy / Paranormal Romance series about a woman who must find her Fallen Angels and fight epic battles against evil in order to fulfill her dark destiny of destroying the world.  Along the way, she will learn how to love again as she meets men from her past who are more than they appear to be.

The Countdown to the Apocalypse Beings!

We Were Ghosts - The Secret Life of a Survivor
Young Adult Romance 
Now Available in Paperback and eBook!
We Were Ghosts - The Secret Life of a Survivor

When Alicia meets the new guy in school, there is something about the mischievous look in his eyes that implies he's breaking the rules by talking to her. The rule abused kids live by - don't let anyone into your life. Don't let them see the real you.


She and Zack both have secret lives that only the other can understand. They suffer in silence, afraid that no one will believe them. Can their love for one another help free them from their turbulent lives, if only for a few minutes at a time? Together, can they find the courage and strength to escape from their hidden world of lies and deception in order to live normal lives?

Sweet Paranormal Romance
Mystical Haven Series
(coming soon)
Each of these women has an ability that sets them apart from those around them. Now, they are being hunted for those abilities. Can they stop an unknown enemy before it's too late?
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Hot Paranormal Romance Erotica
Secret Betrayal - Awake After Dark Series
(coming soon)
Miranda's life was perfect.  Her family controlled Greymont Industries, creators of  Synth Blood, which allowed the vampires to become civilized.  She enjoyed all perks that her position as Head of Market afforded her, including her sexy  werewolf bodyguard, Kole.  All that changed when the disgraced leader of the vampire clan, and her former betrothed, Gregor, entered the room.  Can she keep her love life and professional life from shattering before her eyes?
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