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Little girls are supposed to draw pictures of rainbows and unicorns, so when I started drawing skulls and pentagrams, people acted as if something was wrong with me.  They didn't know I could predict the future.  So, as I got older, I adapted and became a tattoo artist who gave "helpful" advice to skeptics.


Unfortunately, my abilities have caused other kinds of problems, especially when it came to my love life.  Can you imagine meeting a fun, handsome guy who seems interested in you but instead of envisioning yourself having a good time with him, you can only see how things will end?  Breakups are worst, especially when you never got to the sexy parts.  That's why I refuse to date anymore.


Now, I feel something coming for me.  I keep drawing the same symbol over and over again.  Is it a warning or it is a sign of something good headed my way?  I'm not sure, but I'm positive that it involves the intriguing men I've just met.


Steamy RH Paranormal Romance / Fantasy Romance

Coming May 18, 2020


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